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Jack L. Mauldin, Children's Author

Jack L. Mauldin, M.D., has been a physician in Birmingham, AL, for more than forty years, practicing Gastroenterology. Jack and his wife, Nancy, have  two grown sons and two young grandchildren.

His children's books are inspired by his life-long passion for reading and by his efforts to encourage reading at a young age. "Early reading and reading with children in your family is one of the strongest tools for early learning and life-long education," he says.

Writing Roots & Style

An avid reader and writer, Jack says, "I see the story and images in my mind and paint my pictures with words.  I usually see most of the story and then begin to write."

His children's books are written with gentle lessons of kindness, courage and friendship. "My goal is to inspire children to read imaginative stories using characters and traits with which they can identify in their own lives. The books are fun, the smiles are priceless" 

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Jack L. Mauldin, Author of Books for Children

Birmingham, Alabama, United States