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The Christmas Ant

The Christmas Ant

A heartwarming book for parents to read with their children.

Bright, vivid images, reminiscent of story books from your childhood, transport you on a Christmas eve adventure at Billy's house as he decides to give an unselfish gift of brightly colored sugar crystals to a small unimportant ant -- an Ant who was courageous in seeking out food to present to his family for their celebration inside the Magical Ant Castle.

Available from Amazon and ranked 5-stars!

Scout's Christmas Adventure

Scout's Christmas Adventure: An Easy Reader

An Easy-Reader for children, grades 1-3. 

Children can dream of adventure while learning to read and enjoying a magical tale of kindness. Scout, the ant, becomes a hero again as his family is faced with moving the magical ant castle! Backyard creatures of all kind help Scout and his family make the big adventure in search of a perfect new home.